So follow our tips for a clean break and switch to a service that suits you better. If you never want to deal with an early cancellation fee again – or their in-laws – we recommend taking a look at the attractive and charming YouTube TV, Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV. Hello, @user_ac77f9, thank you for contacting the Xfinity forums regarding early cancellation fees. If you don`t currently agree, there is no ETF. If you are currently in an agreement, ETFs will be applied when you cancel services to move to a non-exploitable area before your agreement expires. We are happy to take a look at your specific account to provide additional information. Hello @BrandonT1! You are asking a very important question. We certainly don`t want to lose you as a customer, but we know how important it is to understand the billing associated with your account. The price of an early cancellation fee (ETF) may vary depending on the type of agreement you have entered into and the extent to which you are in it. If you signed a 12-month agreement, your ETF would start at $110 and drop by $10 each month until the end of the 12 months.

With a 24-month agreement, your ETF would start at $230 and drop by $10 each month until the end of the full 24 months. Hello @user_92489d. Thank you for writing this article and alerting us to your situation. I want to apologize for any issues you encountered when you terminated your account and I don`t have clear expectations when it comes to early cancellation fees (ETFs) or service contracts. If you set up with one of our plans, you will receive an approval from the customer who can state the terms of your agreement, which you must first approve before we can set you up with services on our site. It would have included information about the plan you set up and information for your agreement, similar to the following: When you signed up with Xfinity, you undoubtedly signed a service contract. This agreement states that if you wish to cancel your services outside of the agreed dates, you will be charged an Early Cancellation Fee (ETF). Luckily for you, Xfinity doesn`t have a fixed rate for ETFs. Before you make that breakup call, it`s a good idea to read the fine print to find out what you`re dealing with. Find out if you will have to pay the rest of your contract or if there are pro-rated fees. A good excuse can make or break a cancellation call. One of the first questions the retention specialist will ask you is, “What`s the reason you want to quit smoking with Xfinity?” If you give them a weak excuse, they will take advantage of it and find their way around.

This offer is subject to your contract for a minimum duration of 12/24 months. A DVR can cost up to several hundred dollars, and a company won`t send a technician to remove and retrieve it. They make you work for the breakup. Just in case you change your mind and run to them. Very disappointed with xfinity. Do not sign with this company. I paid my bills on time during my contract. I have to cancel due to my move to Costa Rica. I called to ask for the cancellation fee to be waived and I was told NO. The easiest way to determine the amount of your ETF is to plan for the number of months you have left in your agreement around $10.

For example, if you still have 7 months left, you will have a $70 ETF. Or, if you have 16 months left, you`ll have a $160 ETF. You can find out how many months you have left in an agreement by viewing your agreement via your “My Account” online profile and viewing the start date of your plan. To find the contract or legal agreement you are looking for, simply visit Legal Agreements and Contract (, under the Settings tab of My Account and you can see when the agreement started and when it expires. The hardest part of disconnecting from your cable company is the Early Cancellation Fee (ETF). You can change, switch cable providers, or switch to a streaming service, but the cable company has a contract with you. However, if you want to cancel your Xfinity service earlier in your service contract, you may be charged hundreds of dollars. Now that you have decided to cancel your TV service, here are some steps to follow before making the disconnect call. I had a direct TV service in the past where everything was fine and the service was good. I changed the address and called Direct TV to inform them of the move, well, I discovered that the best option was to cancel this service and open a new service with the Internet and landline package.

Everything was done by direct television, it worked according to the representative because I shared the services with my son-in-law on the second floor. Well, after they signed me up for the whole package, I then called att to change my landline phone number to the new address. To my surprise, I was then told that there were no more landlines in my area. I got upset then because I was already in the package with direct TV, where they didn`t inform me that they had just signed me up without any problem. I then spent more than two hours on the phone with att trying to disconnect the landline that had been delivered to me by direct TV, and I continued to run. After this incident, I then unplugged my services with cable and internet, I was promised a speed of 50 which was the maximum for my area, and that`s what my technician told me he had done.not only that, but he had to go hunting in my neighborhood to find my package for installation. He found it at another address, they sent my stuff to the wrong address. It wasn`t even half a month in the deal or signed on Direct TV. I was disconnected due to non-payment, which is strange considering I had the service for less than a month.

I called Direct TV where they told me I had a loan in my bill and they didn`t understand why my services were disconnected. They turned my cable back on, but I had to call the internet because direct-to-home telling me they had nothing to do with their share of the company. I spent an hour and a half solving the Internet part. They said it was a mistake and that they would reactivate my services. I went to work and the next day I found out that I no longer had internet service. They never activated my service. After that, all the back and forth started with direct-to-home TV. I spoke to a supervisor who assured me that I wasn`t getting the speed I needed to have and that it would be a monthly supplement to get it. I talked to a lot of representatives and a lot of supervisors and the customer service was terrible.

I`ve spent many hours of my life solving problems, going back and forth, hanging up, not receiving calls, being transferred to a company that had nothing to do with direct-to-home TV service agents driving me crazy, and I`ve been on the phone right now with a billing manager named Jessica. The one at the end of my rant probably trying to separate my services gave me the silent treatment and I had to say hello about 5 times from time to time to get her attention, only to be told that she would not repeat herself very rudely and said she could not do anything. I did it. He`s been using direct-to-home TV services for a few months now and I don`t think it`s fair for me to pay the cancellation fees and months of service. It is used. And I think everyone in my situation would agree with me in this part. It`s unfortunate that it got to the point where I didn`t even recommend direct-to-home TV in my life or never had it again because I was lied to, hung up, felt crazy, went back and forth, and was ignored when I had direct-to-home TV in the past. For ETFs, you can get a refund of all ETFs if you wish to resume service at any address within 90 days of termination. Plus, you`ll receive an ETF credit for cancelling the service after 30 days during your 12- or 24-month agreement only if – I won`t recommend xfinity to family or friends! A fee of $110/$230 for early termination (TV, Internet, Voice or Home) will be charged if you cancel all services except Xfinity Mobile during the term of the contract. Early cancellation fees decrease every month. The early cancellation fee is waived if you cancel within 30 days of installation.

Please send us a private message with your name and service address to “Xfinity Support” by clicking on the chat icon at the top right of the page. If the cancellation fee is prorated over the duration of your contract, it means that your fees could increase for each remaining month of your contract. Let`s take a look at what you can do to cancel internet service with Xfinity in the easiest and most cost-effective way. There are a few steps you can take to avoid this annoying situation. Be very careful to remove the phone with a determined state of mind. Otherwise, you might be tempted to make a less than exceptional deal. First, check if you have received the promised service, and then check the type of fees charged by the company (prorated, a fixed amount, etc.). Hulu + Live TV offers you the best value for money with a low price and a good offer of channels.

These are just a few examples. .