On July 16th, 2021, Pakistan and Afghanistan signed a transit trade agreement that will allow the two countries to strengthen their economic ties and promote regional connectivity. The agreement will facilitate the movement of goods between the two countries and create a better environment for trade and investment.

The transit trade agreement will provide Afghan traders with access to Pakistan`s seaports, allowing them to import and export goods through Karachi and Gwadar ports. This will reduce the cost and time required to conduct business and create a more significant market for Afghan goods.

The agreement will also encourage the government of Pakistan to invest in infrastructure development in Afghanistan, including the construction of border crossings and the provision of necessary facilities to facilitate the movement of goods. This will create a more favorable environment for trade and investment and enhance connectivity between the two countries.

The transit trade agreement is a significant step forward in Pakistan and Afghanistan`s bilateral relations. It is expected to boost economic activity, promote regional stability and provide a platform for further economic collaboration between the two countries.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have a history of strained political relations, but this transit trade agreement shows a willingness on both sides to overcome these differences and work towards mutual economic benefits. The agreement will help to create a more favorable business environment for both countries and enhance regional connectivity.

In conclusion, the transit trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a positive development that will lead to an increase in trade and investment between the two countries. It will create a more favorable environment for business and help to promote regional stability and connectivity. This agreement is a stepping stone towards further economic collaboration between Pakistan and Afghanistan and should be welcomed by all stakeholders.